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Clip Styles

All of our bows are made with care and attached to either an alligator (pinch) clip or a french clip.  Below is a picture of both styles. 

 alligator clip


Alligator or Pinch clips are great for all styles and work especially well with little or fine hair.  Add a No Slip Grippie to the alligator clip for added "grip".   This style of clip is easy to slip onto her hair and easy to remove too.  All styles of bow can be attached to these clips.  These work great for attaching bows to woven headbands too.








French clips work best for thicker or curly hair.  These clips snap shut easily and open by squeezing together the clasp.  These clips can be attached to all traditional bow types, as well as korker bows.  Large style bows are best attached to a french clip rather than the alligator style.