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Crochet, Lace and Elastic Headbands

Our elastic based headbands are carefully crafted to include beautiful adornments which perfectly top off any special outfit.  These are great for infants through big girls.

We offer three styles of elastic based headbands - crochet, lace or fold-over elastic.

All of our crochet headbands measure 1.5 inches wide, unless otherwise noted in the listing.  The super soft style will not leave marks on your little one's head, yet they will continue to stretch for years to come as she grows.  These will even fit most adults with ease.

Our lace headbands are approximately one half inch wide and are also extremely soft, so they will not leave marks on your head.  These stretch to comfortably fit newborns through toddlers.  These are not recommended for older girls or adults as they have less stretch than our traditional FOE or Crochet headbands.

Our fold-over elastic (FOE) headbands are simply luxurious.  We use two different styles of elastic - regular size and skinny size.  Each regular FOE headband is just over one half inch wide and features a beautiful shimmer to the color.  Our skinny FOE headband is super skinny...just 1/4" wide...and is a solid matte color.  Both styles allow for significant stretch, so they will fit all ages.